20 nov. 2009

Kingdom Hearts IIFM + 358/2Days OST

La continuacion de los ost de Kingdom Hearts :) aqui encontraras los Ost de Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, y Kingdom Hearts 358/2Days. sigue leyendo para descargarlos!!

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
o1.-One-Winged Angel
02.-A night on the Bare Mountain
04.-Another side
05.-What a Surprise!
o6.-Happy Holidays!
o7.-The 13th Reflection
08.-Cavern of Remembrance
09.-Deep Anxiety
10.-The other promise
11.-Range awakened
12.-Fate of the Unknown

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
1. Dearly Beloved
2. Lazy Afternoons
3. Organization XIII
4. Axel and Roxas
5. Deep Dive
6. Welcome to Wonderland
7. Rowdy Rumble
8. Mission Results
9. A Day in Arabah
10. Arabian Dream
12. Xion
13. Neverland
14. Neverland Battle
15. Crossing the Finish Line
16. Olympus Coliseum
17. Go For It!
18. Sacred Moon
19. Halloween Town
20. Spooks of Halloween Town
21. Axel and Saix
22. Dance of the Darling
23. Destiny's Force
24. Missing You
25. Shrouding Dark Cloud
26. To Our Surprise
27. Waltz of the Diamond
28. The World that Never Was
29. Struggle Away ~ Fight For My Friends
30. Vim and Vigor
31. Tension Rising
32. Strange Whispers
33. Cavern of Remembrance
34. Xion Battle
35. Friends in My Heart
36. Riku
37. Sinister Sundown
38. Riku -Final Battle-

Creditos a: Keytotruth, por la traduccion y subtitulos.


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